Lord of the New Depression

by Restless Spirit

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Recorded at Sonic Titan Studios
Additional vocals recorded at Shellshock Audio
Mixed at The Pit
Mastered by Audiosiege
Lifesblood Records 2019


released July 12, 2019


all rights reserved



Restless Spirit New York

- out now -

Long Island, NY.


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Track Name: Less Than Human
I'm feeling the pressure
The weight of the world
Bearing down
On my chest
Crushing me

The blackest Transcendence
The darkest of night
A shadow
Of a man
Never here

Restricted heart
I feel my spirit

Something wicked, less than human
I'm slowly changing every night
Becoming something unfamiliar
Now broken one, I mourn the light

Now witness this creature
The pitiful one
Never known
Or felt warmth
Only steel
(I can't feel)

A feigned understanding
Denial of love
Fade to black
End of show
(Were you ever here?)

Restricted heart
I feel it's beating

Sinking deeper
No escape this time
Accept this trial
Forgiveness denied

Exit Humanity
Track Name: Lord of the New Depression
Wrath invoked
I called your name
Watch me burn
You'll love my pain

Seasons of torment invite me
A slave, I will always obey
A vial of blood just to further my sickness
My love you will stay

King of sadness
Your eyes turned black
And once you've seen them
There's no turning back

When twilight's your only companion
But even the moon wishes death
You'll pray through psychosis and madness
You'll pray until there's nothing left

Welcome the doomed and the dead
Hopeless and terrified
Through darkness, their innocence led
To never again see their homes
Track Name: Dominion
Requiem for your kind

Discordant fantasy mine

Dominion of the damned
Now risen, bathed in sin
The phantoms at the gates
Crying, let them in

Beg for this
Let me in

And Broken
I choose to believe what I see

Exhausted Deception
Delusional visions now real
Track Name: 13 Devils
Kill the lights and dim the warmth inside
Call on the thief of broken dreams
Diseased existence bleeds the pain of your creation
Will you still come to me in sleep?
Left alone

13 Devils
1,000 ghosts
13 Devils
One host

You know this place, somehow you've been before
Under gnarled pine you stay
Phantom specter, twisted creature of damnation
Summon them all and come what may
Turned to stone

Drag your coffins through the dirt
Rot with me

Try to reason through the hurt
Burn for me
Track Name: Deep Fathom Hours
Centuries inside this blackened void
Or has it even been one year?
Skeletal remains, a heritage
Of pain, disgust, misuse, and fear

Come dusk to cover all light
Sovereign benediction
What is wrong, now told right
In deep fathoms

Guided by these voices, led to tears
Doomed to suffer for all time
Release this anger, spit my vitriol
Let loose this flood, this crimson tide

Can't feel this
Can't look you in the eye
Deny this
So hide in bottomless night

With nothing left
To satiate
My misdirection
Turns to hate
Track Name: Miserable Existence / Unrest
Bring me the shovel
I’ll do it myself
Her legs in the cellar
Her arms in the shed
Her head’s in the grave

This isn’t a nightmare
Can’t wake from this dream
I watched as they burned
And they tore
And they screamed
A life gone insane

Cut them to the bone
I’ve got no second option
Silence them all
One by one

Shine frozen moon on me
No shelter from damnation
Full of regret
Done is done

My own kingdom
Here I sit upon my throne
I don’t need them
I said I’m better off alone

I lie and face my doubt

Sever my hands
A world of reason overthrown
Deadly sentence
The damned, the doomed
It’s all I’ve known
Track Name: Ripped From Me
It started as nothing
Then grew till it's out of control
To bleed out the spirit
Destroying a victimized soul

Haunted by your ghost
These things that I couldn't have changed
Resounding of thunder
To signify your end of days
(Face my punishment)

All innocence has died with you
Who knew this road would be so cruel?

Ripped from me - it's too late

The serpent lies waiting
Coiled, dependant on hate
Choke on his own venom
Reflective oceans filled with rage
(Now drown)

I serve my God, the empty son
Cathedral of all pain

The lies of youth, a myth untrue
Burden of time rules absolute

Now I bleed
Come watch and see
Ripped from me
The devils feed
Track Name: Young Graves
The silence echoing
Through dreams not my own
A rage so unrestrained
So out of control

Force fed mental violence
Something obscene
Bleed through the world and
Kill the inside

Through blurry eyes

These young graves
Speak your name
For eternity; resurrection
Live with shame

So now they’ve taken you
Your burdens down lay
In keeping consistent
You couldn’t have stayed

Flowered grievances
Stay here with me
Take someone else
Please don’t say goodbye

Your soul’s gone away

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